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Woori Actors reassures fans about Mina's condition, FNC releases statement

Follow-up to this post.

Woori Actors reassures fans about Mina's condition after concerning social media post

Shortly after the post, a source from the agency stated, “After we saw Kwon Mina’s social media post, we first contacted the police and emergency services. The ambulance is at her house right now and they are opening the door as we speak. The agency staff are also on the way to her house. We don’t know anything about her exact condition right now.”

In the latest update, the agency stated to TV Daily, “Kwon Mina is currently receiving treatment at the hospital. Her life is not in danger at the moment. There is no need to worry.”

FNC Entertainment releases statement addressing former AOA member Mina's social media posts

This is FNC Entertainment.

We are sincerely apologetic about causing concern with the many unfortunate matters related to AOA, and we apologize for causing great worry and inconvenience. Above all, we hope that Kwon Mina, who is going through a difficult time, will quickly recover her health, and we extend a deep apology.

We apologize for the delay of the agency’s statement. We also deeply apologize for failing to have carefully taken care of the relationship between the members. We have contemplated and hesitated several times about clearly delivering the agency’s stance on this matter. The members have also been spending the days with frustration over the criticism and misunderstandings about them. We have also been well aware of the fact that there is a lot of criticism regarding the agency and the members.

Though we repeatedly contemplated revealing our stance, we decided that the recovery of Kwon Mina’s health is the current priority.

We concluded that explaining and refuting the things that are being said and publicly deciding on what is right and wrong in this situation will only produce more sensational issues and will not contribute to resolving the situation. We have also discouraged the AOA members from making individual statements even though they had wished to. We came to the conclusion that showing each of their statements in front of the public and having fights occur over those statements would not be the right way of resolving the situation.

Recently, when Kwon Mina asked the agency’s employees about Shin Jimin’s future plans for activities, we did not respond because Shin Jimin had personally already spoken with the agency to say that she had no intention to be active in the entertainment industry and wanted to live on as a non-celebrity, and we did not wish for it to be needlessly mentioned another time.

Regarding the matters mentioned in Kwon Mina’s social media posts, such as payment, we have been strictly abiding by industry standards, and if there is any potential problem, we will take all legal responsibility.

Once again, with a sincere heart, we wish for Kwon Mina to quickly recover her health, and we will work hard for a smooth resolution. We ask the public to support and cheer on Kwon Mina so she can return in good health.

Mina revealed to have mentioned Choa in a private chat

Former AOA member Mina reportedly mentioned Choa in a private chat online.

On the 8th, an online community captured a conversation that referenced Choa in a private chatroom drawing attention.

In the photo released, Mina confessed, "To be honest, Choa is also sensitive in a way and has a perfectionist personality about her work, so the members had a hard time because she had a difficult personality. I'm really tired so I won't tell you the details."

"But I like Choa so much. There are parts that I don't understand. But Choa always encouraged me, she was like an older sister that I wish I had. She's still among the members that gave me strength.

"When I was trying not to renew my contract because of Shin Jimin unni, she immediately spoke up about it."

In the meantime, Mina shared new revelations on the 6th and stated that she attempted suicide once again because of a conversation she had with an FNC official over alleged "apology" by Jimin.

Source: Naver (1, 2, 3, 2), TV Daily and Kookmin Ilbo via Soompi (1, 2) and Daily Naver

If you or a person you know are having suicidal thoughts and need help, don't hesitate and call one of the numbers on this list.
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