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Sam Okyere made to apologize for speaking out on Blackface.

On August 6th, Sam Okyere posted on his Instagram expressing his disappointment with a Blackface Skit done by Uijeongbu High School students.

Full message-

Many Knetizens took offense to Sams post calling him a hypocrite as he has pulled his eyes back on an episode of "Abnormal Summit" back in 2015.

They are also pointing out the difference in his wording between his English response and Korean response and the hash tags he used claiming he just wanted “to make Korea look bad” and that he should be grateful to Koreans for his career. The fact that the original creators of the meme liked their cosplay has also given knetizens a reason to discredit Sam.

The next day Sam issues a public apology (which has since been deleted)

Basically apologizing for the hashtags he used, posting the photo of the Korean students, and the misunderstanding over the word “educate”.
My personal thoughts on this-
1) As a black person whenever we are not “nice enough” when expressing our disappointment about racism it backfires. Black people never can show anger without being told we are being aggressive even if we have every right to be angry. Sam wasn’t nice enough after he expressed numerous times nicely why racism and blackface is wrong.
2) The only thing he should be apologizing for is for pulling his eyes back and nothing else. He was not wrong in criticizing those high school students and the fact that I’ve seen multiple people say Korea isn’t like America without taking into account that: 1) Sam is not American and *correction has never lived in America. 2) Is from Ghana like the men in that video but also has a different experience from those men because he deals with seeing black face both on TV and in real life regularly in Korea. Thus, his opinion on this matter should have held the most weight. Why some commenters claimed he is not in the position to teach is beyond me when he is from Ghana living in Korea and can speak the language.
3)Lost in translations: A lot of commenters seem to take offense to the word "educate". I feel like that is a word that is commonly used when discussing racism. Black people are told all the time that instead of expecting people to know what is offensive we should trying educating or teaching. It wasn’t meant to call Koreans dumb but a lot of Korean people seem to be taking it that way. At the end of day it just feels like they don’t want to learn considering most commenters where bluntly telling Sam to “go back to your country”.
4) The Korean students photo was already posted online before Sam posted it expressing his issue with them doing blackface.
Final thoughts I'm really worried he will lose his career over this which really shows how far Korea still has to go when it comes to foreigners, especially black foreigners. I hope he will be okay through all of this. The fact that all of the Korean celebrities that posted about BLM have nothing to say about this speaks volumes. If you care about black lives the first step is making sure black people in your own communities feel safe and heard. This man was silenced for speaking out.
-I've only ever posted once on this site so I apologize if this was kind of all over the place. I just feel like not enough people are talking about this.

Source:notnetizenbuzz Sam's Instagram koreaherald.com
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, sam okyere

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