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Han Seo Hee is released from detention

On the 11th, Seongnam Branch of the Suwon District Court rejected the prosecution's request to cancel Han Seo Hee's probation. An official from Seongnam Branch stated, "The National Institute of Forensic Science's hair test showed negative results, and the court judged that there was no reason to cancel her suspended sentence. As such, the court decided to dismiss the case. Han Seo Hee has been released from the probation office and her probation status will be maintained."

During interrogation hearing on the 29th, Han Seo Hee explained to judge why her urine test came back positive stating, "It is true that the urine test was positive but I never administered methamphetamine. I dropped my paper cup into the toilet during urine collection which may have included foreign substances. The prosecution rejected my request for a re-examination."

Source: Daily Naver

Omona, do you think Han Seo Hee will expose more idols now that she's free?
Tags: drugs, scandals
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