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KDrama teaser trailer roundup

"SF8" (MBC) starting Aug 18th

SF8 revolves around people who dream of a perfect society, and it tackles the conflict between technology and human. It encapsulates a variety of topics such as artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robots, games, fantasy, horror elements, superpowers, disasters, and more.

MAIN CAST: Lee Yoo Young, Lee Si Young, Kim Bo Ra, Lee Yeon Hee, Ahn Hee Yeon, Choi Si Won, Lee David, Moon So Ri

More about the drama in this post

"Do You Like Brahms?" (SBS) starting Aug 31st

In defiance of her family’s opposition, Song Ah gets accepted to the music school of the same university where she originally majored in business. As she’s seven years older than her classmates, she finds her new academic life daunting and struggles to find strength. One day, she hears Joon Young playing “Traumerei," which comforts her. Joon Young is a talented pianist who started playing the piano when he was six. He’s been friends with Jung Kyung, the granddaughter of Kyunghoo Group’s CEO, for a long time, and is in love with her. When he decides to keep his distance from Jung Kyung, he meets Song Ah.

MAIN CAST: Park Eun Bin, Kim Min Jae, Kim Sung Cheol, Lee You Jin, Park Ji Hyun, Bae Da Bin

"When I was the Most Beautiful" (MBC) starting Aug 19th

Oh Ye Ji is an art student who dreams of becoming a ceramic artist. She heads to school in Yangpyeong as both a student and a teacher, where she meets brothers Seo Hwan and Seo Jin. Hwan, who is Ye Ji’s student, falls in love with her and takes her to his father’s workshop to confess his feelings. However, at the workshop, Ye Ji meets Jin. Although Jin is aware of Hwan’s feelings toward Ye Ji, Jin does not hesitate to win over Ye Ji’s heart and eventually gets engaged to her. Overnight, those who are meant to be each other’s strongest supporters end up becoming the worst enemies thanks to a twist of fate. Straddling desire and love, the three struggle to figure out what’s right during the most beautiful time of their lives.

MAIN CAST: Im Soo Hyang, Ji Soo, Ha Seok Jin, Hwang Seung Un

"Alice" (SBS) starting Aug 28th

In 2050, the construction of Alice, where time travelers who managed to travel through time gather, is completed. That’s when a rumor on a prophecy spreads, stating that the time travel will soon fade in history. When Yoo Min Hyuk and Yoon Tae Yi, a couple, are sent to the year 1992 to secure the rumored prophecy, Tae Yi realizes that she has conceived a child and decides to stay in the year 1992 by herself. After changing her name to Park Sun Young, she eventually gives birth to a beautiful son, Park Jin Gyeom. Unfortunately, Jin Gyeom suffers from emotionlessness, a side effect of radiation exposure. In 2010, while living on with his life relying on his only family, Sun Young ends up getting murdered by someone. It’s been ten years since Sun Young’s death, and Jin Gyeom runs into Yoon Tae Yi, a physics professor, who looks exactly like his mother while pursuing the culprit who is responsible for his mother’s death.

MAIN CAST: Kim Hee Seon, Joo Won, Choi Won Young, Lee Da In

source: KOCOWA TV 1 2 3 4
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