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[TW] Former AOA Member Mina’s Agency Says She Doesn’t Want A Police Investigation

Woori Actors has responded to the reports of a police investigation into former AOA member Mina’s allegations of bullying.

On August 13, JoongAng Ilbo reported that someone had sent in a request for investigation to the Seoul Gangnam Police Station. According to the report, an unnamed person sent in a civil complaint to a public sinmungo (a place for citizens to voice complaints to the government) on August 9, which was then forwarded to the Gangnam Police Station. The request asked for a complete investigation into Mina’s statement that she was bullied during her time in AOA.

However, the police investigation will not be taking place. Mina’s agency stated to, “It is true that we received a call from the police. After we discussed it with Mina, we decided to refuse the investigation. She is still in a fragile psychological state. People online who do these things are not giving her strength, but rather making it worse. We earnestly ask that people stop.”

The agency reaffirmed to OSEN, “We asked [the police] not to investigate. We told them that she has no intention of reporting and does not want anything related to an investigation.”

In July, Mina shared a series of posts in which she wrote that she had been bullied by her former member Jimin for several years. Jimin went on to share a written apology, which Mina responded to. Jimin later left the group. Since then, Mina has talked about her relationship with the other AOA members and her continued frustrations as she tries to receive a sincere apology from AOA members and FNC Entertainment.

In early August, Mina posted on Instagram with a photo of her [Spoiler (click to open)]cut wrist and a concerning message. Afterwards, her current agency Woori Actors shared that she was being treated at a hospital. Mina wrote an apology after her discharge from the hospital and deleted her Instagram account to focus on her treatment.

sources: soompi, naver 1, 2
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