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Kang Ha Neul Explains Why He Enjoys The Homebody Lifestyle + Kim So Eun On Dating Rumors With Him

-“In real life, I’m the type of person who never really leaves the house.” (One Of Us!!)

-“When I’m not working on a project, I just stay at home doing virtually nothing. I just do yoga and read. I tend to be able to think more often and more freely when I’m alone, so I enjoy staying home.”

-His upcoming project is are two films : Story Of You And The Rain and The Pirates 2

-“I filmed a movie together with Kang Ha Neul, and I’ve known him since I was 20 years old [by Korean reckoning], so we’re still close now.”

-“What I remember about Kang Ha Neul from our college days was that he was really kind and that he was someone who took really great care of his friends,I’m someone who’s pretty shy, but he took good care of me and made an effort to approach me first.”

-Lol, says that she's sick of saying those things already because people already know of his kind character.

-“We’re real friends. Family members can’t date each other. We’re family.”

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