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Novelist quits social media after bickering with actress over ex-husband

Novelist Gong Ji-young deactivated her Twitter account on Thursday, days after exchanging nasty comments with actress Kim Boo-sun about the latter's alleged affair with Gong's ex-husband.

In a Facebook post on Friday, Gong, 57, reportedly wrote that she would quit social media and focus on writing novels, adding she would "meet" her readers through her books, not social media. The message is no longer available because her Facebook account was also deactivated after the statement.

"I am leaving Facebook, and other social media, too," she wrote. "The past 10 years of being active on social media were full of traumatic experiences. I'm sorry if I hurt others with my social media posts. Please forget me. I will meet my readers through my books. I realized living a decent life in this ferocious and rugged world is almost impossible."

Her abrupt announcement came days after she and Kim argued publicly.

Noting that although she and her ex-husband divorced 16 years ago, Gong said she learned recently that her ex-husband had an affair with an unnamed actress. She alleged the actress blackmailed her, threatening to disclose an obscene photo her ex-husband had sent her if the novelist did not offer her a public apology.

Gong said she wanted to prevent the photo of her ex-husband from being made public in order to protect their daughter, who would be upset if it was disclosed. Accordingly, she apologized to the actress in person numerous times, but the actress demanded a public apology, she said.

Kim changed her tone later Friday, hours after she initially denied the allegations of blackmail.

She said she was sorry for her demeanor and fully understood how Gong would have felt. "I plucked up the courage. I'm sorry for what I did," she posted on Facebook. "I know it is too late to say this, but hope you accept my apologies."

Disclosing an image capture of her KakaoTalk message with the novelist on Facebook, Kim said she "requested" ― not "blackmailed" ― Gong to offer a public apology to her and her daughter for the leaked phone conversation between the two about Gyeonggi Governor Lee Jae-myung.

Gong publicly defended Kim in 2018 when the actress disclosed her affair with the governor, an allegation the governor denied.

Gong-Kim relations turned sour after their phone conversation about the governor was leaked to the internet. In the conversation, Kim said Lee had a mole on a part of his body, revealing her plan to use her knowledge of Lee's body to support her claim in the legal battle against Lee over their affair.

Their leaked phone message upset Kim.

Kim demanded Gong make a public apology to her and her daughter for hurting them with the disclosure. Gong claimed she was not the one who leaked the phone conversation, pointing her finger at a man identified only as Lee.

source: The Korea Times
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