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"Mr. Trot" star to release memoir amid assault allegations

"Mr. Trot" star Kim Ho-joong is set to release an autobiography this week and hold a fan meeting later in August despite allegations that he assaulted his ex-girlfriend and evaded mandatory military service.

His book, "Tvarotti Kim Ho-joong," will be on sale at local bookstores and online bookstores from Thursday.

"Tvarotti," ― a combination of the word "trot" and the name of late legendary Italian opera singer Pavarotti ― is the nickname Kim was given after his dramatic rise to stardom as a trot singer, finishing fourth in the finals of TV Chosun's smash-hit audition show "Mr. Trot" earlier this year.

The book covers his troubled childhood and teenage years and his success after the TV Chosun show.

Kim first appeared on SBS' talent search show "Star King" in 2009 as an aspiring opera singer when he was still in high school.

Along with six other finalists in TV Chosun show, Kim became one of the country's most sought-after singers thanks to the huge success of the show.

The singer's real life story inspired the 2013 film "My Paparotti," which tells the story of a troubled child who wants to be a tenor. Kim joined a gang at a young age, but left to build his musical career after his talent was discovered.

The backlash against Kim has been brewing for some time since his former manager surnamed Kwon made accusations against the 29-year-old.

Kwon accused Kim of not paying him properly, presenting his smartphone chatting app messages with the singer as evidence. Then the ex-manager raised allegations that Kim had visited the emergency medical center on his enlistment date in an attempt to delay his mandatory military service.

Kim's agency Think Entertainment denied the allegations, saying Kwon's claims were groundless and false.

"We will take legal action against Kwon and rumor-mongers for defaming Kim. Kim received approval from the Military Manpower Administration to delay his enlistment based on reasonable cause and procedures," the agency said in a press release.

Now, he is facing serious accusations of assaulting his ex-girlfriend and asking fans to raise money for a car that he promised to give away.

Regarding the assault allegations, Kim's agency said it will no longer respond to false claims.

"As we've already filed an official complaint, the truth will be revealed if an investigation begins. There is no reason to respond to such a baseless accusation," it said.

Earlier, Kim appeared on JTBC's "Veteran" and made a pledge that if he failed to reduce his weight to 80 kilograms, he would select a random winner from the audience and give them a new car.

However, he drew the ire of fans when he failed to lose weight and his agency asked fans to participate in raising money to buy the car, which it said would be donated to an orphanage.

After facing criticism for trying to rely on his fans to raise money instead of spending his own, the agency apologized Aug. 10.

"The donation to the orphanage will be conducted by Kim alone," it said.

Despite the ongoing controversies, Kim has been pushing forward with plans to release the autobiography, hold fan meetings and debut as an actor in a film based on his life, set for release in November.

He's been all over variety since the show came out. I just watched the episode of Omniscient Interfering View (ironically lol) where he had that fan meeting last week.

source: The Korea Times
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