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BTOB's Eunkwang becomes first Cube Entertainment artist to join their Board of Directors

On August 13, Cube Entertainment released their most recent half term report, including a list of their board of directors. One of the committees within the board of directors is the Committee for Artists’ Rights Protection. They have a total of five members including the executive director, and one name that stood out amongst the five was Eunkwang’s.

Eunkwang first joined Cube Entertainment in 2010 and made his debut as a member of BTOB in 2012. He now also holds the title of a member of the board of directors, and is the first artist who is signed with Cube Entertainment to reach such a position within the agency.

Eunkwang was discharged from the military in April and has since gone on to appear on variety shows, released his first solo mini album “FoRest : Entrance,” and is currently appearing in the musical “Something Rotten.”

Source: @soompi, Naver via Soompi
Tags: btob, cube entertainment

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