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Starbucks Korea to begin hiring middle-aged baristas

Starbucks announced on the 5th that it will start a "Starbucks Restart Program" to hire baristas from various backgrounds including middle-aged baristas, moms or disabled. There are no age or educational background restrictions but their main focus this time will be middle-aged baristas aged 40 or older.

Starbucks will recruit a total of 100 trainees who will receive 16 hours of theoretical and practical training at a designated center. Afterwards, each trainee can choose between a path to start a business or get a barista position. Applications can be submitted between Oct 10-19.

Most of the 17,000 baristas currently working in Korea's Starbucks are aged 20s and 30s.

Netizen comments

Demographics: 57% males, 43% females
3% are in their 10s, 12% are in their 20s, 33% in their 30s, 41% in their 40s, 9% in their 50s, and 3% for 60s and above

1. [+5,515 -126] Most kids in their 20s are part-timers in those positions so I hope this gives those in their 40s a little hope

2. [+4,513, -65] A lot of people in their 40s always complain how hard it is to start over at that age so this is a huge compliment. I'm glad Starbucks is doing this. They're really ahead of the curve.

3. [+3,186, -70] Honestly aren't those in their 40s more stable in those positions than those young kids that just work for a while and quit?

4. [+2,297, -261] I prefer to have older people serve me in places like that anyway because they're much more polite and courteous than the younger kids.

5. [+888, -47] There's a reason why Starbucks is always ahead..

6. [+371, -27] Starbucks is better than Moon's administration that prefers younger kids with their many policies..

7. [+249, -25] Younger kids nowadays don't even greet you..they have terrible customer service. I'm rooting for the old and middle-aged...fighting!

8. [+27, -3] The probability that those in their 20s will start their own business is <<< 40s

9. [+21, -6] Korean agencies need to try stuff like this too...

10. [+19, -1] Why are comments here acting like 40s is too old..its just that those in their 20s are too immature.

Source: @dailynaver, Naver via Daily Naver
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