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"I-LAND" trainees and cast members test negative for COVID-19, resumes filming

Follow-up to this post.

“I-LAND” is recording on set again after taking safety measures following a positive COVID-19 case a few days prior.

On August 15, it was revealed that a cleaning staff member for “I-LAND” had tested positive for COVID-19. The staff member had carried out his duties on set on August 12.

On August 17, Mnet stated to Newsen, “‘I-LAND’ has partially resumed filming on the set in Paju this afternoon. Disinfection of the set was completed over the weekend, and all of the trainees and cast members as well as some of the production staff have tested negative for COVID-19. A small portion of the staff are still waiting for their results, and they will not be allowed to step inside the set until their results come out.”

Source: Naver by Soompi
Tags: mnet, survival show
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