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🌟KEEMBO🌟 to hold FREE online concert on 22 Aug!

WHAT: KEEMBO Live x Japan
WHEN: Saturday 22 Aug 9pm KST
HOW MUCH: Free (just need to register for an account on! But check out the paid benefits (video call autograph session & goods) under the cut, they're pretty worth it imo!

Paid special benefits
Silver ticket: 2,000 yen (1x autographed group photo)
Gold ticket: 5,000 yen (2x member autographed photos) [not sure why this is more expensive than the next tier + it seems to be sold out which is impossible]
Sapphire ticket (50 slots): 4,000 yen (1x member photo + 1min video call with chosen member + goods)
Ruby ticket (10 slots): 7,000 yen (2x member photo + 2min video call with chosen member + goods)
Emerald ticket (5 slots): 10,000 yen (3x member autographed photo + 3min video call with chosen member + goods)
Diamond ticket (5 slots): 13,000 yen (4x member autographed photo + 4min video call with chosen member + goods)
VIP ticket (5 slots): 16,000 yen (5x member autographed photo + 5min video call with chosen member + goods)

++ For all tiers, you can add on a 1min video call with the other member for 4,000 yen (comes with 1 signed photo). E.g. You can purchase a Ruby ticket for a 2-minute video call with Boa for 7,000 yen and add on 4,000 yen for a 1-minute video call with Bohyung. The video call will be done on LINE so you will need to provide your LINE ID during the purchase process. More details can be found on the event page (the browser auto-translate works pretty well).


Important step if you purchased a ticket with a video call:

I'm excited to talk tattoos with Boa for two minutes!! (dumbass me didn't realise I could add on a 1min video call with Bbo so... I'm sorry Bbo 😭)

sources: event page, @SpicaSG 1, 2

just realised I forgot to request to update the spica tag to spica/keembo....
Tags: concert, keembo/spica

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