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ANS members terminate contracts, speak out on mismanagement

Girl group ANS has been going through some troubles lately. It started about a week ago, when an anonymous person apparently claiming to be an employee of ANS Entertainment posted on a message board. Their post alleged that member Haena (the youngest member, age 18) had been behaving irresponsibly. They accused Haena of skipping school, violating COVID-19 quarantine, posting on SNS without permission, and falsely accusing other members of bullying, among other things.

Haena then responded in a series of Insta posts where she defended herself, explaining the intense depression and suicide attempts that she had struggled with due to this unknown staff member's behavior.

Finally, on August 20th, the other ANS members responded to the situation, calling out the company's mismanagement. In their message, they say that ANS Entertainment verbally abused them and let go of all their staff multiple times, leaving the group with no money and no support, which forced them to do everything on their own. They say that they had no issues with Haena and were open to talking with her, but she hadn't called them. Finally, the members say that due to the company's financial struggles during COVID-19 and their mistreatment, they have all (except Haena) terminated their contracts. They hope to reunite if possible.

The translations of each statement (by @daily_ans on Twitter) are provided below.

Anonymous message board post:

Hello, this is everyone's fact-check fairy
The school needs an official letter, so I'll send one
Going to school to work, to work to school, not going to practice and go off in your personal time.
Every time an employee goes to your school, they're told your attendance rate is poor and you're unable to graduate
We asked for you to send proof shots of your attendance, but it turns out they were lies
You were caught several times and scolded by the company, and now there are no employees left
All the members got together to scold you, "Let's not do that. Stop lying."
Meanwhile, you've been caught lying and behaving arbitrarily over and over again
(you went to a PC room to write an official letter, and were quarantined for two weeks since someone who was confirmed also used the PC room. for two weeks you went out in secret while the other members were quarantined together)
Your position is unstable and you're playing the victim of your superiors saying the other members are bullying you.
After that, you were so upset about being scolded that you didn't even contact the members to apologize! Yet you're writing on your personal SNS
Why can't you all see that the members can't do this or that on their own now?
Are you working part time at an underground shopping mall? And the other members aren't allowed to do or say anything about it?
All the members aside from Haena are on vacation, and they can't even use personal SNS
The members used to have the authority to make their own posts on instagram and twitter, but the company took those rights away
First of all, do you think it's normal to be on SNS alone and act like that?
And while changing your tastes, you whine on instagram about how hard things are and working at a clothing store, collecting pocket money and playing around.
You're probably in a state of psychological anxiety right now, aren't you? It's usually psychological anxiety that works best in these situations
It's perfect for a compassionate scam, right? Don't be swayed by that kind of emotional manipulation, check facts and be neutral or swear
I have nothing to do with this person anymore, and I'm writing this because I can't stand your behavior

Haena's Instagram posts:

Post 1: I can't take it anymore. Even though my life has been ruined and hard enough to die, I didn't want to hurt you and I'm sorry to those who support and love me. So I was struggling and keeping it to myself. Is an apology that difficult. No, I didn't even want an apology, but don't you think this is a bit too much? I'm a real person, I'm dead now. Now that I'm awake, there's nothing to be afraid of. I didn't want to give you any trouble, but I really can't stand it. will I be able to understand my heart that I let go of quietly let go of without saying anything? What did I like so much that I had to take it on my own? Knowing how I felt, I didn't want to ruin anything and cause problems. If I die quietly, no one will know why, but at least if they're human, they'll feel sorry. But I really didn't want to wake up, and when I wake up, it's even scarier. You never did that without proof? No matter what I'm told, even if it's unfair, I still stayed. It's not because I'm foolish. This is my last consideration, so think carefully. If you give a genuine apology, even if I can't forgive you, I'll take it with me.

Post 2: I can tell you everything I've been holding back. I can't even be angry since I'm so dumbfounded. An official letter? I secretly went to the hospital because of depression and panic disorders because I thought if I told you, you'd pretend to be having a hard time, and the company knew that my parents weren't involved in school and only wanted me to graduate, and they left that up to the company as a part of the contract's terms, and the staff member did that? My hands are shaking so much. I went back to school and didn't have a problem with attendance, I said that it would be a problem if I didn't go to school because of practice in the future. I promoted well, what are you saying? I called my homeroom teacher every day to say sorry because I didn't want to say anything. Don't you remember that day at the cafe, all that swearing and hurtful things you said to me that I'll never forget? Also, what kind of person are you where you're telling the company that you can't breathe because of a panic disorder, that you collapse every day, and talk to the CEO and decide to take a rest, and you're an official? At the time, there was record of an official letter that was sent and I had already spoken to the CEO. I can't believe this. Because I'm a minor, I'm alone in the dorm. When I went home for family events, you always call me and doubt me. Why are you suspicious when I play around? At first, I thought it was just because you were concerned about me, but you went too far. When I couldn't answer the phone because I was sleeping, you were suspicious of me. Don't you remember the things you did to me that were out of the company's control when I couldn't do anything because of my panic disorder? Did I do anything wrong and avoid it? You said you couldn't go on a trip because of me. All the test results came out and the CEO told me to stay since it was dangerous, and the company did that from the beginning? Think about the things you've done. I didn't mean to violate your private life, but I have. Now it's up to you.

Post 3: Am I having fun and earning pocket money? Because you know my situation and say things like that, I couldn't stand it either. I thought I should say this much, but I was living without contact with my parents. I can't do this. I felt sorry, so I lived with my friend for months and they helped me with treatments and living expenses, but I also had to help care for my younger sibling. Because I felt so bad for my friend,

[TW: attempted suicide]I went up to the rooftop to die. I really was about to fall,but I felt so sorry for my friend, who didn't want anything in return but got a few jobs to help me and secretly take care of my sibling, that I cried and said I was sorry, so I tried to live my life. And then a part-time job? Even while talking with the company, the issue was prolonged and there was no solution so I had to get treatment for a long time. All I did was help a little bit by saying that they could use a photo of me that they wanted at their store and I could live with them. I went to the hospital and we discussed that I was better off being away from the company and not going to school because of the panic disorder. My family and company know about my situation and how hard it must've been, and that's why it's really creepy when seven people are together and wrote like that. Then, why did I try so hard to die? I tried to[TW: attempted suicide]jump, pulled out a knife, and I didn't want to take sleeping pills, yet I took more than 50and was taken to the emergency room. Was I pretending to be pitiful? Why would I pretend to be pitiful while talking about my family. And what did you say at the cafe that day? You told me to turn off my phone as soon as I arrived. If it weren't for that, I wouldn't have done all those things. I cried on my way home. This is my first time to talk about it. Proof? It's not too thorough, but I'll tell you one by one. Don't worry, and isn't that what you scolded me for? The company told me not to do it. At least I was like this while we were in the background talking about ending it. Is it okay for me to talk about my personal life? I don't know all the things you talked about, but you're the ones who usually don't care. And what did I do wrong? I know I'm alone and can't do anything, and I'm afraid of the things I'm hearing. I don't care anymore. No matter what anyone says, everyone involved will know. I'm sympathetic? I don't want that. I don't care how I'm treated and I hope you live with an apologetic attitude from now on. I'm exhausted.

ANS members respond:

Hello, this is ANS's Lina, J, Royeon, Dalyn, Raon, Bian, and Dami. All of the members aside from Haena. First of all, we apologize for the recent media reports that have raised concerns to the fans who love us. Fans may misunderstand or worry, so we're here to explain the situation we are in right now.
Firstly, all of the members except Haena have notified our legal representatives of the termination of our exclusive contract with our company on August 11th. We believe that the company and agency problems are related to Haena's and it is our duty to explain our truths to our fans, we're ashamed to tell you how it happened.
Our agency, ANS Entertainment, has retired almost all of its staff twice in the months of March and April, leaving us without staff or managers.
On June 14th, the office space was closed and our dorm was moved from Sinsa-dong to Gimpo, and we haven't even had practice since then. Since there are no staff or employees to work with scheduling or managing the online fanclub, we have to do our own staffing. Members have to travel by taxi since there is no staff to provide us with transportation.
As fans know, we had a fanmeeting on June 20th, so we made many big and small mistakes. The fanmeeting would have been a huge mess if it weren't for the retired employee who willingly came with us that day.
To add ot that, we haven't been able to have dance or vocal lessons. All we had was 10,000 won (8.44 USD/7.11 Euro) per day per member for meals, but it wasn't paid on weekends either.
In fact, we didn't have support managers with us, and we asked our company if we could take dance lessons, but they didn't allow us since we didn't have any money.
It was too much to understand the company's difficulties during the recent Coronavirus, and we couldn't waste our time thinking about the fans waiting for us.
So we sent a letter to the company on July 22nd through our legal representatives, to increase the amount of managers, set up an office, a practice room, and for us to be able to take dance lessons, and take responsible measures within 14 days.
Instead of taking responsibility, the company called one of the member's mothers saying the company was not at fault.
They used abusive language such as "We're making a list of members to remove so we can take only the best of ANS. The others are made of trash that can't do anything. They can't do anything because they're sitting home depressed." We couldn't handle it anymore so we terminated our contract on August 11th.
That's where Haena's problems came from.
Coincidentally, right after we sent the letter to the company, that's when they started talking about Haena's problems and asked us to visit her at the hospital and the same article that was posted on Haena's instagram was reported in the media right after we sent a termination notice to our company.
In fact, we didn't even have a bad relationship with Haena.
Haena joined in December of 2019, and as the youngest, a sophomore in high school at the time, she had to go to school. And since the company had a lot of difficulties this year, we had less opportunities to work couldn't spend as much time together.
Haena couldn't go to school since she got tested for Coronavirus and her job is probably all we talked about with her.
Haena was tested on May 29th since we heard a confirmed carrier used the same PC room she went to, and fortunately, Haena herself tested negative and ordered another 3 days of self isolation by the health center.
By the way, we had no employees, so we had to process the school documents. We called Haena's homeroom teacher on June 8th and found that Haena was not present without notice even after the 3 days of isolation.
Haena's homeroom teacher knew that Haena was often absent due to work, and even the day she took a photo of her school diploma, she couldn't attend due to a company schedule even though there was no schedule that day.
So we called her to a cafe that day to talk about what happened with the teacher, and she didn't give us any exact answer and just said it was personal.
In response, we asked the members to never lie and talk to each other if there are any reasons, but we never cursed or scolded each other. In fact, this is the kind of management the company should do, but because the company didn't do anything, we had to manage Haena's school life.
The next day, Haena contacted one of the members and she wanted to discuss future activities with her parents due to mental problems. We respected Haena's opinion and asked her to let us know after talking to the company, but Haena did not respond to us.
On June 12th, she sent a message to two members saying "I'm sorry, I'm too tired mentally. I'll call you when I get better." That was Haena's last call.
Haena didn't attend the fanmeeting on June 20th, and we had a hard time changing the choreography.
After we sent our letter to the company, they told us to go to the hospital, saying that as if she went to the hospital because of us. We were scared that we couldn't contact Haena directly, but fortunately Haena returned home that same day without any problems.
Haena must've had a hard time mentally as ANS's future became uncertain due to the agency's problems, and she must've had financial difficulties since she didn't receive any financial support. We didn't have any bad feelings toward Haena then or now, and if she accepts our call, we would like to meet up with her to resolve any misunderstandings if there was any harm.
However, due to the problem we are unfortunately facing regarding our contract termination and the fact the company said such bad things about us earlier, we wonder the company is using the problem to harm our contracts.
We've received so much love from you fans.
We're so sorry that we caused you so much concern. We had no choice but to terminate our contracts with our agency, and no one knows what will happen in the future, and we feel like we're being left up in the air.
We may continue our entertainment activities, and we may work as a team. Please understand our situation that we had to terminate our contracts. If we're ever given another chance, we promise to see you again in better shape. Thank you for all this time.
- August 20th, 2020, ANS's Lina, J, Royeon, Dalyn, Raon, Bian, Dami

Source: Daum (login required), DCInside (original post deleted), Instagram: haena.ans via Twitter: daily_ans (1, 2, 3, 4), image: Kpopmap
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