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Flashback Friday

How was your week? I'm hot and exhausted. Every week I go through the charts for this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week we are going back and see who was on top in the 3rd week of August, 2016.

#3 C Jamm & BewhY “Puzzle”
This was a collaboration between the two rappers and friends. It was released about a month after the two of them finished up season 5 of Show Me The Money, where they finished as winner (BewhY) and runner-up (C Jamm). Due to the show’s popularity, the song would peak at #3, and would be their highest selling single outside of the songs from SMTM. This was a digital release, and no music video, so here’s the audio.

#2 EXO “Lotto”
I didn’t remember this song at name, but then I played it and was like “oh it’s the song with the lipstick” wtf. Remember those wine bottle lip tints lol? That’s all I remember about the song. I’ve never seen the MV before, and I’m not a fan of the cock fighting. They couldn’t just play bingo or something? I love bingo. I was really into drag queen bingo in West Hollywood for a while. This was the single off of the “Lotto” album, which was a repackage of “Ex’Act” that was released in June. D.O looks too creepy in that thumbnail.

#1 Blackpink “Whistle”
This was one of the two singles that the group debuted with. I remember watching both videos back then and preferring this one over “Boombayah” (and still do), then going online and everyone was talking about “Boombayah” and feeling like I was a weirdo lol. The MV makes me miss my baby pink Nintendo DS Lite. This song was the first time a debut song achieved a perfect all kill, and would give the group their first music show win.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Standing Egg “Summer Night You And I”
No MV for this one too, just audio. I love this image so much. Makes me want to plan a winter trip to Joshua Tree right now. It’s stupid hot to go to the dessert right now. Standing Egg is trio of indie musicians who compose and produce music and then they have guest musicians perform the songs. This was a big hit for the group, it is their biggest selling song and the only one to reach the top spot. It’s so nice and like the song says, perfect for summer nights!

#5 I.O.I “Whatta Man (Good Man)”
Up until now I’ve avoided this song. Purely selfish and sentimental reasons tbh, I have fond childhood memories of the Salt-N-Pepa/En Vogue song of the same name lol. So I've never seen the MV before. That little Weki Meki girl is too cute for that guy. Goggle tells me it’s a member of The Boyz? She’s so cute and didn’t need a makeover, but I do like girls supporting girls. This song featured the sub-unit group, with 7 out of the 11 members. It would give the group their first ever music show win, and was their highest charting song to date.

source: C Jamm - Topic, SMTOWN, BLACKPINK, STANDING EGG, Stone Music Entertainment & gaon
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