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BTS mini media round-up

BTS In the SOOP is a nature-themed reality show where the members are put on a week-long vacation, creating their own schedules and enjoying their own hobbies, with minimal interaction with the production staff. 60-minute episodes are aired on JTBC every Wednesday at 11PM KST, while 80-minute episodes are aired on Weverse every Thursday at 12AM KST and are available for purchase.

Episodes: 1 | 2


  • Disaster Yoonjin go fishing featuring disaster Jungkook at some point; Namjoon and Taehyung play with their RC boats and badminton and finding it all healing

  • Gamer Taehyung is back

  • Jungkook and his guitar (also sings and plays Lost Stars at some point)

  • Yoongi finally starts painting; 95z and their karaoke

  • Bangtan reminisce and laugh about their rookie days

  • Kim Seokjin is still the master of cheating and also living his Harry Potter dreams

  • Namjoon trying to save his boat and possibly stressing out the production team and the viewers

  • Hoseok and his rubber glider featuring Yoongi and Jungkook

  • 4/7 of Bangtan prepare for their first dinner; they have their alcohols out (tbh I think Namjoon and Yoongi have been drinking alcohol all day???)

  • Confirmed: Jimin the type of person who'd remember all the annoying stuff you've done in the past

A few lines from this episode:
  • "Why did you even fight about a room? We ended up sharing a room anyways."

  • "I don't think there's anyone more serious about fishing than you, but also as bad at fishing as you are."

  • "Are you trying to burn me to death? Why is this so hot?"

  • "I'll have to play dirty."

  • "It took me three hours to do this."

  • "I'm here to interrupt you."

  • "It's a heroic death."

  • "Bugs are diving right into the drinks as soon as you pour them."

Source: Jake Ratunil, Weverse, BANGTANTV

Why does the MV sketch embody the song more than the two MVs lmao anyway they looked like they were having so much fun in both In the SOOP and the MV sketch! Also Jungkook whining reminds me so much of my youngest sister whining when I tell her to do things.
Tags: behind the scenes / making of, bts, variety show
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