lan zhan (thebloomroom) wrote in omonatheydidnt,
lan zhan

VIXX N Discharged Early from Military due to COVID-19 Protocols

Translation: I received instructions to go on leave before being discharged. Salute!💂🏻‍♀️

VIXX N (aka the only member of VIXX we acknowledge, Cha Hakyeon) was released from his military service yesterday. He was given an early release due to COVID-19, as he was originally scheduled for a discharge on October 7th along with Key from Shinee.

OP notes it's too bad he got out a few weeks too late to beat Hongbin's ass before he enlisted. Shame. At least we were blessed with these pics of his graceful swan neck.

Source: N's Instagram 1 & 2
I checked out of VIXX the second he enlisted lol, I guess it's time to care again! Do y'all think they will even bother continuing as a group at this point? I'm here for a Hakyeon solo, idc. Also, I wonder how many other idols will be getting out early now. Their services fly by faster and faster.
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