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Multitalented Solo Artist, Woodz, Shows His Range On “The King Of Mask Singer”

On August 23th, “SSAK3” (revealed to be Rocket Punch's Takahashi Juri) and “3 Go” (Woodz) sang a duet cover of BOL4’s “To My Youth.” In the end, “3 Go” advanced to the next round with 17 votes to 4.

On the August 30 broadcast of MBC’s “The King of Mask Singer,” a group of contestants challenged Madam Rose as she attempted her sixth consecutive win.

In Round 2, “You Did Well” and “3 Go” faced off, with You Did Well singing Kim Yoon Ah’s “Nocturne” and 3 Go singing Yada’s “Already Sad Love.”

In the end, the panelists voted for You Did Well (13 to 8), and 3 Go unmasked to reveal himself as Cho Seung Youn (WOODZ). Cho Seung Youn is a multitalented singer, rapper, dancer, and producer who was part of the idol groups UNIQ and X1 and currently promotes as a solo artist, recently releasing his first EP “Equal.”

Cho Seung Youn said, “GOT7’s Yugyeom and Kim Woo Seok told me to go on this show and gave me courage. Kim Woo Seok did a sexy dance on the show, but I think I’ll also be teased for my beatboxing.”

He also talked about his former dreams of being an athlete and said, “In middle school, I went to Brazil to play as part of the youth soccer team, but I missed Korea a lot. I liked listening to music, so I first thought of becoming a singer during that time. I came back to Korea, convinced my parents, and became a singer.”

He added that he wanted to have Yoon Sang’s phone number, and Yoon Sang agreed and said, “I admired your cool high notes. I can give you my number if you really want it.”

Sources: MBCentertainment (1, 2, 3, 4), news1, Naver, Soompi.
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