Viv(ienne) (rightclick5ave) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

✨BVNDIT✨ triple cover post: Red Velvet, NCT127, Nell

0:05 - Red Velvet's Psycho (BVNDIT)
1:43 - Hyori's U Go Girl (Natty)
3:19 - NCT127's Kick It (Natty & BVNDIT)

Nell - Time Walking on Memory

I don't know the original, but this cover almost brought me to tears.. their harmonies and Yiyeon's high notes??

sources: WIN Entertainment Japan, Stone Music Entertainment

the absolute RANGE!! of these girls 🤩 the perfect line distribution and vocals in Psycho, the dancing and charisma in Kick It, and the harmonies and vocals in TWoM.. what CAN'T they do? besides blow up (their stages were going viral on twitter after kcon until the accounts got hit with copyright warnings...)
Tags: bvndit, cover
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