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BTS In the SOOP Episode 3

BTS In the SOOP is a nature-themed reality show where the members are put on a week-long vacation, creating their own schedules and enjoying their own hobbies, with minimal interaction with the production staff. 60-minute episodes are aired on JTBC every Wednesday at 11PM KST, while 80-minute episodes are aired on Weverse every Thursday at 12AM KST and are available for purchase.

Episodes: 1 (Excited to Begin) | 2 (Free Time) | 3 (Memories of a Rainy Day)

You may also watch from qdeoks for free.

  • An actual cat (not Yoongi) cameo

  • BTS writes the theme song of the show in an hour (featuring highly excited Songwriter Taehyung and MinPD)

  • Yoonjin quarrelling over who's on cooking duty (honestly Yoonjin quarrelling in general); Yoongi still a master manipulator

  • Yoongi versus onions; Hobi as the kitchen assistant

  • Chaotic Bangtan almost losing their meal


  • To no one's surprise, Namjoon lost something

  • Yoongi's super excited idk???? Also doing the Most with their endorsements/sponsors

  • Jungkook lifting Taehyung up like he weighed nothing; Taekook working on their abs

  • Confirmed: Yoongi the type of person who would write in his books

  • Jinkook and fishing misadventures

  • Bangtan super excited over the smallest things

A few lines from the episode
  • "You're playing ping-pong in the middle of making lunch?"

  • "This is a painstaking effort to avoid dishwashing."

  • "What if we drop this while carrying it?"

  • "I'm becoming Federer."

  • "Is there anywhere I can read quietly here?"

  • "They must have really run out of things to do."

  • "I can't believe the highlight of the day is to just do nothing after eating."

  • "It's so funny to see you paint outside while telling the sky to stop raining."

  • "His perfectionist side is awakened."

  • "That's so unnecessarily high quality."

Source: Weverse, kweendeoks
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