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Big Hit kicked off their initial public offering (IPO), BTS members get stock and more info!

- Big Hit will be listing on the Korea Composite Stock Price Index (KOSPI), the index of all common stocks traded on the Stock Market Division of the Korea Exchange and the equivalent of the S&P 500 of the United States.
- They are offering stocks between $88-$114, that will add up to an estimated sum between $631-$811 million. Their estimated market capitalization amounts to between $2.99-$3.85 billion. (In comparison JYPE is worth $1.1 billion and SME is worth $740 mil)
(for more info, check out the full soompi article)

Now to the more fun info:
- Each BTS member has received 68,385 shares, which means that they'll be at least $7.7 million rich the moment shares are listed

When do whose contracts end?
- BTS (Kim Namjoon & 6 other members) contract ends in 2024
- TXT (Choi Soobin & 4 other members) contract ends in 2026
- Seventeen and NU'EST contract ends in 2022
- GFriend contract ends in 2021

About Pledis and Source Music's shares
- Big Hit owns 80% of Source Music's shares (paid $10.7 million)
- Big Hit owns 85% of Pledis shares (45% from Sony Music Solutions, 40% from Pledis CEO Han Seong-su). Before, So-net held 49% and HSS held 51%. (idk if i read it right, but it said sth about how Big Hit paid $168 million in cash for the shares correct me if i'm wrong pls)

About Big Hit's shares
Share ownership in BHEnt:
- Bang Shi Hyuk holds 36.57% of the shares. Netmarble, headed by his cousin, holds 20.94%.
- BTS holds 1.41% - each member owns 0.2% - of the shares.
- Share for public is 21.06%. From this portion of share, 4.21% is booked for BH employees. The rest of 16.85% will be available to buy by public.

About Jin's enlistement
- Jin has until the end of 2021 to enter the military
- BH plans on minimizing the decrease in revenue & risk by pre-producing albums, preparing secondary content (MD) using their IP all in accordance with the law

Upcoming group debuts

Belif+ is the company behind I-Land, so the I-Land Group is debuting 2020. In 2021, they are planning to debut another new group, same as Pledis and Source Music. 2022, Big Hit is planning to debut a new group.

About the Trainees
The number of trainees is a bit unclear, because they summarized the numbers with "Exclusive contracts with artists and trainees", but subtracting the artist numbers should give an approximate number of trainees under contract. All in all, 50 artists and 105 trainees are signed.
- BH: 31 (BTS: 7; TXT: 5)
- Belift: 24 trainees (I-Land)
- Source: 28 (GFriend: 6)
- Pledis: 72 (17: 13; Nu’est: 5) (minus Nana, Bumzu, and the 3 ex-Pristins, that makes probably 49 trainees?!)

- Big Hit sort trainee expenses as ordinary R&D expenses, so there is no trainee debt.

Other stuff:
- By the end of 2018, the number of staff at Big Hit was 167. After the first half of 2020, 892 staff members now work for the company, hence the move of its headquarters to the new office in Yongsan, with plans to move in sometime early next year.
- BTS accounted for 87.7% of Big Hit's revenue during the first half of 2020, 97.4% during the whole of 2019 and 98.2% in 2018.

source: naver via soompi, @samkimasia, @modooborahae 1 2, @jeeelim5 1 2 3, @WinterArty, @hyunsuinseoul 2, full ipo filing (korean)
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