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FNC Entertainment issues statement regarding allegations about P1Harmony member Keeho

The statement is as follows:

We are writing to you about P1Harmony member Keeho.

Keeho was a K-pop fan during his school days in Canada. At the time, he ran a fan account on social media with seven acquaintances that he met online.

The account that’s been referred to as Keeho’s was one that he ran together with those acquaintances, who shared the password, and the account was closed at the end of 2017. Since then, he has not used social media. The old posts that have become an issue recently were not written by Keeho.

However, as a member of the group, he should have recognized the issue with the account and taken actions against it, and it is certainly his fault that he failed to do so. We sincerely apologize to the artists who were affected by this incident and to everyone who was hurt by it.

The claim that Keeho was racist is absolutely not true.

As he grew up as an Asian in North America, he is more sensitive to the issue of racism than anyone, and he’s well aware that it should never occur.

One of the posters who mentioned this specific issue wrote malicious posts about Keeho because of their personal feelings regarding an acquaintance of his. We have confirmed that once they realized it was not true, they deleted the posts on their own.

All K-pop artists have been Keeho’s role models, and he’s admired K-pop artists while trying to become a singer. We hope that the misunderstandings that are contrary to the truth will be resolved soon, and we ask you to watch him grow into a more mature artist.

Source: Naver via Soompi, @soompi
Tags: cultural insensitivity / racism, fnc entertainment, nugu

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