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apink namjoo personally contacted G-IDLE's soyeon + lia kim for solo debut "BIRD" + more spoilers

queen of networking, kim namjoo recently held a spoiler VLIVE to discuss her upcoming solo debut.

a quick summary:
- she was impressed by soyeon on Queendom and thought she could be the one to help her save what she thought she had lost in herself
- lia kim was her dance teacher when she was 7 and she met her again during running man
- the dance is harder than dumhdurum
- it coincidentally contains the iconic mollayo "butterfly" move which is now used to represent a bird, meaning it features in both her apink and solo debut 😭😭
- she has to step on a man and feels bad about it
- she cut her hair specifically for the MV

(lmao this shade! apink hags confirmed!)

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the part about her feeling like she losing herself and losing what she was good at was heartbreaking. her taking matters into her own hands and basically planning the entire solo is so on brand though. she's by far one of apink's strongest all-round performers but play m/some pandas/the general public have always paid her dust so I'm thrilled she's finally getting her chance to shine.
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