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New co-ed group, Checkmate, to debut this month

CHECKMATE ― comprising two females (Sieun, Suri) and three males (Yongseok, Nason, Noah) ― is set to drop its first album "DRUM" on Sept. 21, its agency GRACE COMPANY Entertainment said Tuesday.

"Acclaimed producers in and out of Korea have worked on the debut track," the company said in a statement. "The members have already caught the attention of fans in Europe and South America (through social media)."

The agency added that Yongseok would "play a central role" this time, but did not elaborate.

The two ladies, Sieun and Suri, were members of the group Rendezvous. They disbanded before debut.

source: checkmate_official__ & GraceCompany Official 1 2 3 & The Korea Times
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