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Report confirms malicious commenters have shifted to celebrities' SNS

According to Money Today, celebrities like Han Ye Seul, Go Eun-ah, and singer Jamie are still suffering from malicious comments even though comment section of entertainment news articles have been closed. In particular, whenever female celebs wear exposed outfits or post photos with poses that reveal their bodies, comments with sexual harassment remarks undoubtedly follow.

Singer Jamie appeared on MBC Every1's 'Video Star' in July and complained that "she received malicious comments on her SNS likening her body to that of a fruit."

Actress Go Eun-ah stated through her YouTube channel on the 2nd, "There are people that regularly ask for XX to be shown." Her younger brother Mir warned, "I want to ask those people to say those comments directly to her face. Even though we report them, nothing is done."

Last month, Han Ye Seul also revealed she received sexual comments on her SNS.

An employee Yoon Mo (24) stated, "In the past, I used to leave support comments on my favorite idol's article but since comment section was removed, I've left comments directly on their SNS. Its upsetting to see all the malicious comments written on my favorite idol's SNS."

It appears even through comment sections of news articles were removed following harassment of the late Sulli and Goo Hara, malicious comments are still rampant in other platforms.

Demographics of the netizens:
Male: 81%, Female: 19%
Age Bracket: 10s: 4%; 20s: 17%; 30s: 33%; 40s: 31%; 50s: 11%; 60s above: 5%

1. [+1,950, -58] Want to hear the best way to combat malicious comments? Post the malicious commenter's photo, name and age in front of their school and workplace for a month. That should fix everything.

2. [+649, -51] Adopt real-name commenting system!! Why don't you want to do that?

3. [+426, -24] Sadly a lot of the malicious comments are aimed at female celebrities.

4. [+132, -13] I knew things would turn out like this. As expected, netizens just moved to other platforms and those thug reporters that lost revenue from removal of comments started writing criticism articles for clicks.

5. [+22, -5] This is why we need to adopt real-name commenting system ㅋㅋ. Why do you think the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism did the same?

6. [+18, -4] Anyone should be free to comment whatever they want whether good or bad. Getting rid of comment section is invasion of our personal freedoms. Of course people need to be responsible when leaving comments online but isn't it better to increase legal ramifications instead? I don't know who thought that simply removing the comment section would prevent malicious comments.

7. [+13, -1] There are always going to be malicious comments anywhere you go. You're better off reporting malicious comments to the police and imposing 10 million won penalty to the malicious commenter.

8. [+9, -1] Even now, when you go to DC Inside, there are people posting malicious articles and there are hate comments about Sulli there...I think the first priority in eliminating malicious comments is shutting down DC. That community gives K-culture a bad rep. There are posts with cuss words, sexual harassments, sex, insults to the deceased being shared daily. They basically mass produce malicious news. DC needs to be shutdown!

Source: Naver via Daily Naver, @dailynaver
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