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Flashback Friday

Happy Friday! Every week I check the charts for this day in the week and post the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, let’s go back to the 2nd week of September, 2011. This week features songs that some of their biggest hits. All the songs have been posted before, so we are check out some comeback stages.

#3 G.NA “Top Girl”
“Top Girl” was the lead single off the EP of the same name. It was also the follow up to her successful “Black And White” album released earlier this year. Both the EP and the single would chart in the top ten, and this would end up being one of her biggest selling songs. I only really remember the chorus to this song. She looked so pretty this era too.

#2 Infinite “Be Mine”
This was the lead single from the group’s first full album, “Over The Top”. This song would give the group their very first music show win, and is also their biggest selling single. This is probably the first song I think of first when I think of them. Third time posting, so let’s check out the dance MV this time. This setup is weird. Why are they so close to the wall? They could have all taken a collective step to the left and had some space to move around more safely. They look like they could slam into the wall any second. I don’t know why this bothers me so much wtf lol.

#1 Sistar “So Cool”
I was really into this song back then. Damn obsessed, and I think I could still do that choreography too. I also remembering hating this hair so Dasom so much lol, I thought it made her look so much older. This is the title track of the group’s first album of the same name. It was their first #1 on the charts, and is also the group’s biggest selling song. Here's their comeback stage on Music Core.

Honorable Mentions

#4 Super Junior “Mr. Simple”

This song would debut at the top spot, and stay there for a few weeks. I remember being confused about this song for some reason wtf lol. I’m not feeling it much in 2020 either. I also remember tons of overseas dance covers from this song too. They would promote the song up until Heechul’s enlistment date.

#5 Dal Shabet “Bling Bling”
This was a very successful release for the group. They promoted for almost 3 months and it sold really well. I wasn’t a fan of this era, although now I’m going to have “bling bling bling bling disco” in my head now. I thought this came out way later in their career, but they were still rookies.

source: SBS KPOP, MBCkpop 1 2 3, woolliment & soompi
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