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Seungri's military trial for arranging prostitution scheduled on the 16th

Former Big Bang member Seungri (30) will stand trial for the first time in military court.

According to an exclusive report by News1 on the 11th, Seungri will undergo his first trial at the Ground Operations Command in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province at 10:00am on the 16th. He will stand trial after 7 months after being indicted for arranging prostitution in late January.

The prolonged delay in the trial is due to Seungri's enlistment in the military and change of the trial venue. Seungri's case was previously assigned to the Seoul Central District Court along with the indictment but he joined the military before the trial date was set. After 5 weeks of basic military training, Seungri has been assigned to the subordinate unit of the 5th Corps.

Seungri's case was then transferred to the 5th Army Command who transferred it to the General Court. The exact reason for the transfer is unknown but the move is said to take into consideration the gravity of his charges. The move is reportedly to conduct the trial at a higher-level unit in greater depth.

Seungri will stand trial in Military Court on the 16th for violating the Act on Aggravated Punishment of Specific Economic Crimes (embezzlement), violation of the Food Sanitation Act and Business Act, violation of the Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Assault Crimes and Aggravated Punishment of Sex Trafficking (prostitution) and Violation of Foreign Exchange Trades Act ("hwanchigi").

Included in the indictment are allegations of arranging prostitution for investors between September 2015-January 2016 and sending naked photos of women through katalk.

Source: Naver via Daily Naver

The Twitter thread for this article was flooded with stans caping tf out of this POS and his boss. Bunch of nasties. Anyway, please mute or block the SeungriInnocent trend on Twitter if you can.
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