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Crystal Heng

C.N Blue Jung YongHwa’s sad love story?

C.N Blue member, Jung YongHwa revealed a sad true story about what happened when he first arrived at Seoul from his hometown PuSan on the episode of Strong Heart airing on the 9th.

On this day of filming Jung YongHwa stated, “When I first came to Seoul and I didn’t know a thing about Seoul styles, I fell in love with this one girl when I was walking down the street.” He added, “I knew that I couldn’t lose her, so I requested for a date,” surprising everyone during the filming.

He explained that the girl accepted the date without any hesitation and Jung YongHwa described the experience as “finally meeting me ideal woman.” However, after that day, he said that he couldn’t contact this woman at all. And they “broke up” after that because her identity had been revealed.

What was her identity that made Jung YongHwa so surprised, and what was the sad story behind the fact that he “broke up” with her? This can be caught through the episode of Strong Heart.

Source: Sookyeong

I know what you're all thinking.
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