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SHINee visits a Japanese orphanage

On February 6th, boy group SHINee performed at the K-POP Festival in Sapporo, Japan. The next day, the angelic boys decided to visit an orphanage in the city and put smiles on the little kids’ faces.

They gifted the children with shirts that had Korean on it, Korean snacks and Korean stuffed animals. I guess the purpose was to introduce Korean culture to the boys and girls.

SHINee and the 60 children split up into teams and played games. The children even performed for SHINee. With Sapporo TV recording every minute of this event, the boys received much kudos from the Japanese fans.

SHINee said, “It was for a short period of time but we made a lot of memories in Sapporo. Meeting these children made this trip more meaningful. If we get the chance to, we want to visit Sapporo again.”

SHINee is wrapping up an Asia promotion by hitting Hong Kong on the 12th, Cambodia on the 21st and Fukuoka on the 27th.

Source: allkpop

*~Angelic~* boys indeed. Slight wtf at Cambodia though.
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