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On one hand, it's kinda bland, on the other... it's stuck in my head after just one listen. So I can't complain and hope they do well!!

The MV is very pretty 💞 I'll watch it many times after work!
I’ll start with positives, since I waited over a year for them to comeback!!

The chorus is super catchy, I replay the song for the chorus. I enjoy the instrumental. The choreo looks promising, I look forward to the stages! The pink outfits with the aqua background I find eye catching ♥️

Now, if they were releasing regularly and this came out, I’d be less enthused tbh. It’s a cute song but I expected more. I mentioned in teaser posts that I was curious about getting a toned down song vs their last two songs, and I think this might be too toned down? The song and MV is missing that fromis_9 quirky charm I’ve been really enjoying from their last releases. I know they’re growing up but I think that quirkyness keeps their releases interesting. Overall the chorus is fun but the verses leading up to it are just ok to me and needed more punch imo. The MV especially isn’t anything special and I usually LOVE their MVs, but idk COVID-19 might’ve played an issue with that.

I do see myself playing this more than Fun, at least! But Love Bomb hasn’t been topped for me, but that’s ok. Honestly this kinda reminds me of Dynamite (the one time I listened to it lmaoooo so going off my hazy memory), though a version I prefer much more with this song

My tldr opinion- I see this as a solid release, but I still wanted more out of it. I’m sure the performances will make me love it more though!


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I like this, I could do without the rap... but tbh it sound smore like a pre-release than a title track (it's no LOVE BOMB okay)
it's still fun and they look freaking amazing
Should have been a smidge faster and the pre-chorus was dull with no build.
They look great and it seems they stepped out of the cute era into something a little more “mature”, but mature doesn’t mean dull. Like please refer to Kara for future reference.
I'm really not a big fan of the baby hair styling, but the pink outfits are adorable.
I'm glad the girl under the desk finally realised she could get free.
The choreo seems fun and I liked the chorus, but it sounds like every other songs from groups with cute concepts.
It’s adorable and I love it, but come on now I waited a year for this? Welp at least queen gyuri looked amazing
i wanted to like this as one of the dozens who loved Fun! but i couldn't get through the song because something about the sound mixing is really unpleasant to my ears, esp in the chorus (something about the pitch?). Maybe it would sound better in another format. From what I hear though it's catchy enough, if bland.
I love it! The instrumental is super good, I love how melodic this is. The chorus is catchy. It basically ticks a lot of boxes for me, I know it's a biased opinion. I'm so glad to see them release music again. My only criticism is the key, they're singing really high and at times it's almost grating.
Also I think it would have been a great summer single, why release it now that we're in September ? They could have had this as a summer special to hype up a full September comeback.

They all look amazing. I like how the styling is moving in a more mature direction but is still feminine, even still cute at times, makes it more natural.

Also after all the jokes about them being influencers more than kpop stars during their hiatus, they picked "influencers" as their MV concept lmao
it's a chill bop, and the colours are nice. it's no Love Bomb, but I'll take it since it's quite catchy and anything for a comeback from them.

only issue is the vocals are processed that I can't distinguish the girls. like Jiwon's voice just blends in and Gyuri sounds like every other member here
I stopped paying attention a minute in. So generic. wah.

Fun may have been a disjointed mess but it was....fun.
I'm also team 'oh...well...this is sort of bland' but its already stuck in my head and I'm just so glad they finally got a comeback. I really liked Fun and nothing will ever top Love Bomb so honestly I went into this with the bar set really high. I do hope we see a return of fun quirky stuff from them in the future but having a different style is nice also :)
if another gg had released this i would have been happier with it but because i love them i have higher standards and its definitely their blandest title to date even the choreography i feel is more generic too so i'm a little disappointed, it's still good but not what i wanted. also jiwon and hayoungs vocals do not need that amount of autotune

saying all that i will still financially support them as much as i can i don't want their company to use a lukewarm response to this title as an excuse to shelve them again
I like this, but like everyone else said it feels generic. tbh it reminds me of a crappy A side from Twice. I hope they get more opportunities in the future.
I like the song (I really like the guitar).
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