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YooA scores first ever solo music show win on "The Show" with "Bon Voyage"

The nominees for first place on “The Show” were CLC’s “HELICOPTER,” Wonho’s “Open Mind,” and YooA’s “Bon Voyage.” YooA won with a total score of 6,689 to Wonho’s 5,530 and CLC’s 3,744.

She said tearfully, “This is my first time promoting solo, and I’m grateful for all the love. I worked hard to prepare so I wanted to show you all a lot of good performances, and I’m so happy to be receiving this trophy. I didn’t expect that I’d receive an award, but I’m so happy you’ve given it to me. Our [fans] Miracle, I love you so much, and thank you to our Oh My Girl, the staff, and my family. Thank you, ‘The Show’!”

source: The K-Pop!, soompi
Tags: music show, oh my girl, solo activities, the show

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