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CNBLUE’s composer Kim Do Hoon speaks on plagiarism allegations

Composer Kim Do Hoon, who has recently been suffering from various plagiarism accusations, for songs such as CNBLUE’s “I’m a loner” and Kim Jong Kook’s, “Can’t forget,” has finally released an official statement.

On the 8th Kim Do Hoon stated:

“I want to say to all of the music fans and industry professionals that I’m very regretful and sorry to cause everyone such an inconvenience. I was trying to hold back my words, but I couldn’t resist with this crisis. I want everyone to know that the reason I didn’t speak out on these allegations are not because I had nothing to say, or because I was agreeing to the allegations.”

He added:

“I debuted in 1995 and in 1998 through Jang Hye Jin’s song “To Eternity (영원으로),” I was able to obtain my first title. Since that for over 10 years I have composed about 300 songs. And out of those songs, about 90 of them were either title songs or follow up songs. Recently, when I read the articles about me, the majority of them are claiming that I made it this far as a plagiarizer. Throughout these 10 plus years, my stance on music has never changed. I have many tracks where there have been no plagiarism allegations. The point I want to make first, is that I didn’t make it this far as a plagiarizer.”

Kim Do Hoon added:

“The plagiarism controversies right now all started from netizen made videos. Right now it’s a trend for people to find similar songs and point it out. Even if it’s not my songs, there are so many videos being created that songs are similar, and out of those videos, there are songs that may be real issues as well as ones that are just the opinions of an individual. But out of those songs, the ones that become a successful song are the only ones that become news articles. It’s the opinion of one person and their video that starts an issue and it becomes a news article, which turns into a plagiarism controversy. Furthermore, the reports make it seem as if the song was deemed plagiarized and that the composer is guilty.”

In addition:

“The song that has been in the news lately, ‘I’m a loner (외톨이야),’ has only one word that is similar. And the news reports that claimed the chords were the same were inaccurate, nor was the intro the same. Even the chorus melody where it goes, ‘Wae Tol Ee Ya Wae Tol Ee Ya (외톨이야 외톨이야),’ is not similar at all. Only the part where it goes, ‘Dari Diri Daram Do’ is similar, but that melody is also in Country Kko Kko’s ‘Oh Gani’ and Park Sang Min’s ‘Mediterranean Sea (지중해)’. In addition, that melody is also in a song I composed for Ha Dong Kyoon, called ‘Far Far (멀리멀리)’.”

Kim Do Hoon also stated:

“In Davichi’s ‘8282′ there’s only a similarity in the very beginning of the song, everything after that is totally different. In Kim Jong Kook’s ‘Can’t forget’, there are no similarities in the song, only a slight similarity in the intro. If my words do not make sense, please listen to the tracks again and make a better informed decision. There are so many songs that have a similar word/portion. Even many famous American songs have songs that have the same word or similar sounding portions. If I wanted to kill myself trying to find similar songs, I would be able to find even more songs that are a lot more similar than what the netizens are uploading.”

He added:

“Beyond the current controversy surrounding ‘I’m a loner’, there have been many reports that other tracks made by me were similar and plagiarized. Moving forward, if people keep saying songs are plagiarized so easily and uploading videos of small parts that sound similar, it’s not just me but all of the other composers who will not be able to compose freely. Right now there are so many cases of plagiarism that are stirred up by netizens. These issues should be analyzed by a professional and a plagiarism case should only be determined by them. But trying to create and stir an issue using the internet without solid evidence to destroy a composer, I don’t think that’s the right thing to do.”

Kim Do Hoon finally stated:

“I really hope there won’t be anymore cases where composers are cornered into a wall, just because some people think a song is similar sounding. Finally, to all the music fans who have showed interest and love in my songs and to the industry professionals, to all of you, again, I am sorry to have worried and inconvenienced you.”

source: allkpop
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