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NCT will release new album, rumored to be NCT 2020

Original article:
On September 15th, StarNews shares that NCT will be releasing a new album next month in October under NCT 2020.
NCT 2020 is shared to be a new project that will feature all the charms and colours of NCT in an album. Back in 2018, NCT had launched NCT 2018 with the album "NCT 2018 EMPATHY". Tracks like "BOSS", "Baby Don't Stop" were shared alongside NCT DREAM's "GO", NCT 127's "TOUCH", NCT U's "YESTODAY", and NCT 2018's "Black on Black".

SME's statement:
SM Entertainment share that NCT will release an album, however complete details have yet to be finalised

source: theseoulstory, naver, balloon_wanted, daum 2
Tags: comebacks, nct

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