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BTS media + news round-up

BTS In the SOOP is a nature-themed reality show where the members are put on a week-long vacation, creating their own schedules and enjoying their own hobbies, with minimal interaction with the production staff. 60-minute episodes are aired on JTBC every Wednesday at 11PM KST, while 80-minute episodes are aired on Weverse every Thursday at 12AM KST and are available for purchase.

Episodes: 1 (Excited to Begin) | 2 (Free Time) | 3 (Memories of a Rainy Day) | 4 (Farewell for Now) | 5 (Back to the Forest)

You may also watch from qdeoks for free.

  • Bangtan going back to the forest; Taehyung's mom packing them food for the trip

  • Chaotic Jinkook vs the GPS lmao; 8282 by Davichi being Bangtan's song; Namjoon the plant dad

  • Taehyung and Hoseok talk about KTH1; Taehyung gives another KTH1 song preview

  • Jimin's luggage adventures; Namkook kings of talking to themselves

  • Hyung line preparing meals, maknae line playing around, middle child Namjoon chilling alone; Jungkook becomes the kitchen assistant at some point

  • Taejin playing together; Jin the master of teasing maknae line

  • They're all a bit more hyped up than their first time idk???

  • Jin canoeing to save the ball from the river; ends up almost being stranded in the river himself

  • Namjoon-Jimin-Jin chaotic trio on a canoe; 95z auditioning to be part of rapline

  • Jungkook able to sleep through all the chaos and noise lmao Talent™

  • Bangtan vs wasabi; Taehyung, Jungkook and Namjoon actually crying over wasabi

A few quotes from the episode
  • "Doesn't he look like an old man?"

  • "You're seriously playing ping-pong already?"

  • "I used to keep cleaning when I cooked with Yoongi-hyung because Yoongi-hyung doesn't clean up as he cooks."

  • "My mom told me not to eat snacks before a meal."

  • "This is like Snowpiercer."

  • "It's crazy how you actually hit him."

  • "If you're not going to clean up after, don't even get started."

  • "A variety show needs someone farting."

  • "I've never had to cook for so many people."

  • "We always say it's too much food, but finish everything."

Namjoon donates 100 million won for state-run art publications

RM, the leader of K-pop group BTS, donated 100 million won ($84,426) to the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Foundation, Korea towards the production of the museum’s art publication that will be donated to public libraries and schools across the country.

The donation was made to mark the singer‘s 27th birthday, on Sept. 12, the foundation said Monday.

The art publications, some of which are currently out of print, include those on Korea’s representative modern and contemporary artists --Kim Whan-ki, Lee Jung-seob, Pen Varlen, Yoo Young-kuk, Park Nae-hyeon, Yun Hyong-keun and Lee Seung-jio -- and the book that accompanied the exhibition “The Modern and Contemporary Korean Writing.”

“The Modern and Contemporary Korean Writing,” was this year’s major exhibition that aimed to show the beauty of calligraphy and break the stereotype among young people that the genre is dull. While the physical exhibition is over, the exhibition tour is available on the MMCA’s official YouTube channel with a curator guide and English subtitles.

A total of 4,000 copies of nine different art publications will be produced and distributed to 400 public libraries and schools in October.

“RM showed his willingness to support the art field, saying he derives a great of inspiration from art,” said Youn Bum-mo, director of MMCA. “He added the art books could reach out to teenagers unfamiliar with art museums.“

By Park Yuna (yunapark@heraldcorp.com)

Source: Weverse, kweendeoks, Vogue, The Korea Herald
Tags: behind the scenes / making of, bts, charity, rm, variety show

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