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(TW) Jang Jane reveals to have been sexually assaulted in the past

Singer Jang Jane updated her personal Instagram on 22 September 2020 with a long caption that detailed her past experience with being sexually assaulted:

"Thank you. The album started due to that incident.

A year after it happened, when I was 19, I received news that the perpetrator had been properly caught. The person who did that to me and left, was apparently a male that was similar in age to me then. But what was the most difficult part then, was that he had become like that, due to other kids torturing him as well.

One winter, I was just passing by and they saw me and apparently promised that if he did that to me, they wouldn’t bother him. The reason why it was hard for me to hear about this reason, is that if he is a victim too, what does that make me? What becomes of my experience? That was what crushed my heart the most.

Now, as I have become a little more of an adult and I am able to separate things, looking back, I think that it would’ve been great if there was someone that told me that it wasn’t my fault that it had happened.

I think that there are more victims than most think, that are living with the shame and guilt just like I did. I hung in there and gained strength from seeing other singers that went through similar things as myself. I hope that perhaps, just perhaps, I will be able to become a strength as I sing, to someone that experiences similar things as I did."

Earlier that day, she also shared her mental health problems. "My first seizure was when I was 17. After that, because of an incident that I don't want to mention, I started to have more symptoms like extreme anxiety, seizures, breathing difficulty, insomnia, anorexia, overeating, etc."

source: jangjane_ 2, osen via vlive, koreaboo
Tags: health, sexual harassment / sexual assault, singer
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