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New info on NCT 2020, SM is pulling a light AKB48 Senbatsu Election

NCT held their RESONANCE LIVE EVENT "WISH 2020" on Vlive and talked more details about NCT 2020:

- Return of Boss unit with song Volcano (Taeyong, Mark, Winwin, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Jungwoo, Lucas)
- Make A Wish unit: Taeyong, Jaehyun, Xiaojun, Lucas, Doyoung, Jaemin & Shotaro (pop dance with hip hop beat)
- From Home unit - Yuta, Kun, Taeil, Chenle, Haechan, Renjun, Doyoung (ballad song, in multiple languages)
- NCT 2020 Resonance pt. 1 will be released October 12th, pt. 2 planned to be released in November
- Secret unit (will be released in pt. 2) - Mark, Ten, Winwin, Sungchan, Jeno, Yangyang, Haechan (retro hip hop track)
- Secret unit #2 (Also will be released in pt. 2) Ten, Jisung, Johnny, Jungwoo, Hendery, Yuta, Jaemin (EDM song with an exciting drop)

Now onto the messy part:
- Members are separated into 8 teams of 3 for a reality show (Somewhere), photoshoot (Imagine) and a Carol Song (Happy X-mas)
- Teams were formed randomly after picking balls
- Fans will be able to vote for a team after buying the album, only the Top 2 Teams of each content will be able to participate
- Fans will also be able to vote for an OT23 activity like Mafia Game, 24h-cam, relay game

Reality shooting teams:
1. Jaehyun, Renjun, Chenle
2. Lucas, Jaemin, Mark
3. Johnny, Xiaojun, Doyoung
4. Lucas, Haechan, Taeil
5. Kun, Hendery, Taeyong
6. Yangyang, Shotaro, Yuta
7. Ten, Jeno, Jisung
8. Sungchan, Winwin, Jungwoo

Photoshoot teams:
1. Kun, Sungchan, Yuta
2. Jaemin, Hendery, Jungwoo
3. Jaehyun, Renjun, Taeyong
4. Shotaro, Chenle, Jeno
5. Lucas, Ten, Jisung
6. Johnny, Yangyang, Xiaojun
7. Winwin, Doyoung, Jeno
8. Haechan, Mark, Taeil

Carol teams:
1. Jaemin, Shotaro, Xiaojun
2. Kun, Mark, Hendery
3. Sungchan, Jeno, Taeil
4. Chenle, Renjun, Haechan
5. Johnny, Doyoung, Jaehyun
6. Jaehyun, Winwin, Jungwoo
7. Taeyong, Yuta, Ten
8. Yangyang, Lucas, Jisung

source: nct vlive, u/yangsgiving (live translation), u/randomneeesss, u/peach1497, nct_dew, nctsmtown

Some fans are already shouting for a boycott while others are trying to appease the situation by saying that this is only about additional content. What do you think? Will this be a mess or not a big deal?

Edit: Added new SM notice that there will be no fan voting for the teams anymore, thanks carmine_pink
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