waves_of_light (waves_of_light) wrote in omonatheydidnt,

I guess we're starting an Omona Book Club!

Before we start, I have questions…

First, what time zone are you in?

I know that some people are pre-ordering the book, but some of us may not be able to get it on Pub Day. So I was thinking of the first book club meeting for somewhere in the second week in October (or maybe even that weekend) to give everyone time to get the book and read it. So maybe the 10th? Is that okay? Or do we need more time? The book is 352 pages long.

How often would you like to meet? Right now I think I have enough for 3 discussion posts. But I don’t know if you all would like it once a week? Or is that too long between meetings? I’ve never done a book club online lol!

Please let me know what days are better for everyone, and how much time you would like between posts. Of course anyone can join in anytime! I just need to know when to make the posts. I may have to schedule them in advance.
Tags: !announcements, books / authors, jessica, omona discussion
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