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Flashback Friday

I woke up today with a charley horse and my period and I hope your day is better than mine. Every week I go through the charts to this day in the past and share the top three songs. Then I pick out two more from the top ten as honorable mentions. This week, we are going back 5 years to the 4th week of September, 2015.

#3 Monsta X “Rush”

Wonho wearing a face mask and crying into a bag of big chips from Costco is a whole damn 2020 mood. “Rush” was the follow up to the group’s debut, which was released earlier in the year. I haven’t seen this music video in a long time. The only things I really remember from it are Jooheon on the roof and Shownu doing pushups with IM on his back lol. The MV features appearances from WJSN’s Eunseo and the song’s writer/producer Giriboy. I’ve always wanted to ride in a sidecar.

#2 Red Velvet “Dumb Dumb”
This was the lead single for the group’s debut album, “The Red”. The song would be their highest seller to date. I was never a big fan of this song, but it is definitely one that gets stuck in your head so damn easily. I hate this camera work here lol, but the stage and the dance break are nice so here’s their stage at the Melon Music Awards. It’s like that Pixar movie.

#1 Girls’ Generation “Lion Heart”

This was a single from their album of the same name, and their first album as a group of eight. It was one of the three songs that the group released this summer, and the bestselling of out of the three. Not one of my personal fav songs from them, but it’s one of my favorite styling eras. They’re all so pretty with all the sparkles and fringe and it makes me want to shimmy. This time, let’s check out their fun goodbye stage at Inkigayo.

Honorable Mentions

#9 Hyukoh “Wi Ing Wi Ing”

This was the lead single from the group’s first album that was released in 2014. A year later, the song is back on the charts most likely due to the group’s mainstream popularity this past summer. They released a new album, was on Infinite Challenge’s song festival with Hyungdon, signed on to Tablo’s H1GHGRND label, and even made an appearance on SMTM. Busy summer for the group.

#10 Hyuna featuring BTOB’s Ilhoon “Roll Deep”
5 years later and I am just learning that a 19+ version of the music video was released a few weeks after the official MV. Or maybe I did. It was 5 years ago. And as far as I can tell, there’s not much difference anyway. This was the lead single from her “A+” mini, her only solo release for the year. Let’s check out the 19+ MV, called the “A+ Original Version”.

source: starshipTV, Ahmad Mazman Othman, SBS KPOP, SEOUL MUSIC, 4Minute Official YouTube Channel & kbs
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