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October Comeback / Debut Schedule

October Is Packed With Comebacks, Debuts, And Digital Releases: Here's What To Look Forward To!

October 1st:
mq x Loey / Chanyeol - Mixtape "Clock Breeze"

October 2nd:
Blackpink - 1st full album "The Album" with title "Lovesick Girls"
Hyunseong (Ex-Boyfriend) - debut with single "바람길"

October 4th:
Gray x UJoo Ham - single "Nothing but Rain"
Giriboy - mini album "Like a film" with title "Acting (with Heize)"

October 5th:
WEi debut "IDENTITY : First Sight" with title "Twilight"
SF9 - 4th anniversary special album "Special History Book" with title "Shine Together"
sogumm x OHHYUK - single "yayou hoi"

October 6th:
Ailee - 5th mini album 'I'm' and title track 'When We were in Love'
Mad Clown - title track "용기내지 마세요" with mini album "0"
ICU - comeback with single "Ice Cream"

October 7th:
Golden Child - 2nd single album and title named "Pump It Up"
WJSN Chocome sub-unit (Soobin, Luda, Yeoreum, and Dayoung) debut 1st single album "Hmph"

October 8th:
Weki Meki - 4th mini album "New Rules" and title "COOL"
Kyuhyun - title "Daystar" for his "PROJECT : 季"
natural mineral (DynamicDuo, HA:TFELT, snzae, THAMA, SOLE) - project single "나 오늘"
NCT Dream - Deja Vu MV

October 9th:
Dawn (ft. Jessi) - mini album "Dawndididawn"
Monsta X Joohoney - 4th mixtape "Psyche"
NCT U - Misfit MV

October 10th:
Ex-BESTie Dahye - debut digital single "Poison" (orig. Uhm Jung Hwa)
Refund Expedition (Lee Hyori, Jessi, Hwasa (Mamamoo), Uhm Jung Hwa) - debut "Don't Touch Me" (rip digital charts)

October 11th:
Kiara - single album "Tomboy"

October 12th:
NCT 2020 - 1st full album 'NCT 2020 : RESONANCE Pt. 1' with tracks "Make a Wish" and "From Home"
Pentagon - 10th (!) mini album "WE:TH" and title "데이지" (with Yanan!)

October 13th:
Weeekly - 2nd mini album "We Can" and title "Zig Zag"
Verivery - 5th mini album "Face Us"

October 14th:
Kim Wooseok x Lee Eunsang - collab song "Memories"
Loco - mini album "Some Time"

October 15th:
Exo Chen - digital single "Hello"
Punch - pre-release
Gary - mini album "2020"

October 16th:
M.O.N.T - mini album "Listen Up!"
AKMU's Suhyun - solo debut single "Alien"
Black Swan (the remains of RANIA) - debut with full album "Goodbye RANIA"
SuJu's Ryeowook - single "Calendar" as part of CLEF Company's musical project "Traveller"

October 19th:
Loona - 3rd mini album [12:00] with title "Why Not?"
Seventeen - special album "Semicolon"
Im Chang Jung - 16th full album
B1A4 - full length album "Origine"
Ex-AOA Youkyung - debut with single "CONNECT"

October 20th:
D-crunch -(mini?) album "Across the Universe"
Crush - mini album "withHer" and title "Let me go" (ft. Taeyeon)
Mamamoo - pre-release "Dingga"

October 21st:
Alexa - Decoherence

October 22nd:
Ex-Secret Song JiEun - single album "Bloom"
Yezi - single album "미묘"
Park Won - title "Oh Yeah" (ft. Sunmi) and album "My fuxxxx romance 01"

October 25th:
Ex-BADKIZ Monika - new song
Woo (Woo Won Jae) - new song

October 26th:
Twice - 2nd full album
TXT - 3rd mini album 'minisode1 : Blue Hour"

October 27th:
Paul Kim - single "You know too"
CIX - 3rd mini album "Hello Strange Time"
T1419 - MLD Entertainments (Momolands company) new boy group debuts with title track "Dracula"

October 28th:
K/DA - EP "ALL OUT" with title track "MORE"
P1Harmony - new FNC boygroup debut with 1st mini album "DISHARMONY:STANDOUT" and title "Siren"
JBJ95 - 4th mini album "Jasmin"
Drippin - new Woollim boygroup debut

October 29th:
CL - prerelease

October 30th:
Mino - 2nd full album "Take" and title "Runaway"

Others: Laboum, T-ara Soyeon (solo debut), Prisma (UnionWave gg debut), WOW (Wizard of the World) (A.Conig bg debut)

Rumored: GOT7, Exo Kai, Monsta X, Purple Kiss, Blackpink Rosé, Sky rabbit, Shinee's Taemin, Sm gg debut

source: dbkpop, r/kpop wiki

Did I forget anyone? Does any Once know if Twice will come back with a full album or a mini album?
Which releases are you looking forward to the most?
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