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What's GOT7 been up to?

While ahgases are fighting among themselves and other people over JYPE's mismanagement over the boys and also trying to figure out when their comeback is and that there's definitely gonna be one this year... maybe?

Anyways while that's happening GOT7's been up to various things like photoshoots, streaming, dog shows, drama roles, MC'ing, art exhibitions...

is having his own art exhibition

had his bday

(above thing summarised below:)

and is attached to a drama coming next year though no official confimation has been announced

and was the MC for MBC Seoul Drama Awards

and had a fanmeeting for his photobook HEAR, HERE a month ago
part 1:

[parts 2-4]

and here's a playlist of the fanmeeting in smaller clips for easier viewing


also had his bday

lands a role in a Netflix sitcom

attends an idol dog competition with his dog Coco

photoshoot with 红秀GRAZIA

has been doing lots of live streams

on IG

and on a Chinese(?) gaming site

and on twitter

spending time with his brother's dog Dalkyum

...uhhh, I'm sure he's doing something, my research skills kinda failed me at this point.

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Hope this post is ok like this
Tags: drama, got7, park jinyoung, pets/animals, photoshoot, solo activities, v app

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