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Filipino rappers accused of plagiarising BTS's Ddaeng

Filipino ARMYs are calling out Ex Batallion members Flow G and Skusta Clee for allegedly plagiarizing a BTS song to promote a local clothing brand back on September 22, 2020.

According to fans, the 1-minute song titled “Deym” sounds eerily familiar to the K-pop groups “Ddaeng” which was released back on June 10, 2018, via SoundCloud.

Compare the two songs below:

As of this writing, fans have been posting side by side versions of the two tracks and asking their fellow ARMYs to report it to BTS's label, BigHit Entertainment.

GMA Network has reached to the two rappers about the said accusations but no reply has been received so far. However, eagle-eyed netizens have posted a screenshot of Skusta Clee's last tweet which seems to answer the said allegations.

“Hindi namin ginaya 'yon oy! EZ LANG KAYO,” he said.

OP Note: He said "we didn't copy that! Take it EZ (easy)"

BTS's “Ddaeng” was part of the K-pop group's fifth anniversary “Festa” celebration. The track was produced by J. Pearl and BTS member Suga and performed by the three rappers of the group.

The song uses a metaphor from the popular Korean card game Go-Stop to brag about the group's global success after facing criticism and ridicule in their early years.

Meanwhile, this is not the first time Ex Battalion got involved in a plagiarism issue.

In 2018, the Pinoy rap group was accused of copying the beats of Diamond Style's "One Kiss" in their hit song "Hayaan Mo Sila."

Ex Batallion's music video for the said song was actually taken down on YouTube due to copyright issue. However, in a statement, the group clarified, "Nothing was stolen! It was paid! It is clear, was paid!”

Source: K J A P Channel, BANGTANTV, @swagcatSG, GMA Network

It's so obvious, how could it be anything but Ddaeng lmao. On a personal note, they've always been a shit ~*rap*~ group lol they love appropriating culture and use the n-word on the regular and think it's cool, but don't actually have the bars to show for it. They also love making fun of K-Pop as "shit music"; ironic that they're stealing from a K-Pop group lol.
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