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OMONA EXCLUSIVE! Greatest Lyrics in K-Pop (Pt.1)

Sometimes, you gotta be bold we listen to dark, emotional, sad, or even fun songs and we're getting into it, until these lines come out.

Please note! I didn't include solos just yet. Also because LJ hates too much media, I had to take out a few others so I'll probably make a part 2 for K-Pop groups. Anyway, this is all in good fun and enjoy!

"I got 21 big brothers. To me you ain't big brother." (CRUSH by 2NE1)
OG Queens of Swag got a lot of big brothers, I guess.

Runner-up: "Cuz I'm so bad bad but I'm so good good." (CAN'T NOBODY)

"We're fish fish like." (WAVE by ATEEZ)
May I ask what kind of fish?

Runner-up: "Beam me up, beam me up." (Pirate King)

"Plain Jane, get hijacked." (How You Like That by BLACKPINK)
tbh this was a hard one because I didn't know what to pick since they had way too many

Runners-up: "Bitch I'm a star but no Patrick." (DDDD Japanese Version) | "Snow cone chilly, get it free like Willy." (ICE CREAM feat. Selena Gomez)

"Converse, Converse, I really hate Converse." (Converse High by BTS)
In case y'all aren't aware, Yoongi really hates Converse.

Runner-up: Jungkook's word salad whole verse in Dynamite

"Shawty imma party 'til the sun down." (LOVE ME RIGHT by EXO)
lmao y'all know it was gonna be here

Runner-up: "Never don't mind about a thing." (CALL ME BABY)

"I was lowkey, that's the old me. Now there's top ten honeys tryna phone me." ( Papi by f(x) )
Even our OG H&M playlist queens have their moments. Anyway stream 4 Walls.

Runner-up: "Got bling, got that juice. Got that swagger like Jagger." (Diamond)

"All the boys want my heart, better know how to rock in their stop." (The Boys English Version by Girls' Generation)
Do you remember feeling the heat, Omona? Also SM deleted the English version of this MV from their channel for some odd reason???

Runner-up: "I'm genie for your wish." (GENIE)

"Llámame papi." (RED MOON by KARD)
Well we know what to call BM now ig

Runner-up: "You lookin' for a man that's realer. (Oh Na Na)

"Give it to my Y, listen to my Y." (Y by MBLAQ)
Ten years have passed and I still don't know what Y is.

Runner-up: "She was Smoky Girl." (Smoky Girl)

"Baby, who the X? I'm a X." (JEALOUSY by Monsta X)
I take back what I said earlier: MBLAQ and Monsta X are teaching us math.

Runner-up: "One and only like a holy." (Shine Forever)

"I be walking with the cheese, that's that queso." (Regular English Version by NCT 127)
If you're not walking with the cheese and the queso, what's the point.

Runner-up: "Stay clay sketch dirt dough." (Baby Don't Stop) | "How you like give me hola lapapapapa." (We Young)

"We wanna go rocka x5" (Ring Ding Dong by SHINee)
Were you so elastic, so fantastic before, Omona?

Runner-up: Minho's whole rap in The SHINee World lmao

"Just close your lips, shut your tongue." (Mamacita by Super Junior)
How do you shut your tongue actually?

Runner-up: "Sexy, free and single, I'm ready too, bingo." (Sexy, Free & Single)

"Let's play forever, I just wanna be your dog." (Cat & Dog by TXT)
I have so many questions to ask tbh

Runner-up: "Easter Egg baby yeah I'll find that." (Can't We Just Leave the Monster Alive?)

"Don't deny our R-squared-pi." (0330 by U-KISS)
U-KISS is also teaching us math y'all

Runner-up: "You make me tingle tingle." (Round and Round)

Sources: 2NE1, KQ ENTERTAINMENT, BLACKPINK, BANGTANTV, SMTOWN (1, 2, 3, 4), fx, Girls' Generation, KARD, mblaqattack2, starshipTV, Big Hit Labels, 1TheK

I have a few others still for part 2. Anything you want to see in the next part, please feel free to comment them down below! Mods, would it be okay to pin this post for a while? Thank you!
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