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Omona's pick - The Lounge Bar Playlist

Since I've decided to do some spring fall cleaning in my spotify playlist, I started to organize things by genre.
Following this post, we're now moving on to the more jazzy, blues, doo-wop & bossa nova influence in kpop  (thank you paige_nevaeh for the idea).
The list is by no mean exhaustive, please add your own favorite (or you own playlist *wink wink apricotsunrises*)

Full Spotify playlist.

Source:  LADIES CODE, ARIRANG K-POP, Stone Music Entertainment 1, 2, 3, SMTOWN 1, 2, YMCent, (G)I-DLE, AKMU, SUPER SOUND Bugs!, 정동환의오선지, 9MUSES, OfficialLEEHI, 2, TSENT2008, The Barberettes, MAMAMOO, 이지금 [IU Official], 1theK 1, 2, 3, UNIVERSAL MUSIC JAPAN, JONGHYUN, EDEN,
Tags: !omona exclusive, (g)i-dle, ailee, akdong musician, b.a.p, bolbbalgan4, dong bang shin ki, esna, heize, indie, iu, jonghyun, ladies code, mamamoo, nine muses, omona discussion, red velvet, taeyeon, the barberettes

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