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BTS perform on Radio.com + Teasers For ON:E concerts

They performed "Make It Right", "Mikrokosmos" and "Dynamite".

Source: Radio.com, BANGTAN TV 1 | 2

RIP Jin's pink glittery mic, you'll be truly missed 😞
I love how they try to perform in different sets and ways to spice it up. Western can't relate.
Jungkook in his cozy sweater on Yoongi's rap. Lil meow meow wearing the Converse he hates so much but his sweater is cute.
I'm wondering when will they hate performing "Dynamite" though.
The teasers were filmed during the ON promo, so they mean nothing, but look at them teasing us Blood Sweat & Tears when we know the ugly truth. But I oddly like the music.
Tags: bts, overseas activities, radio, teaser
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