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‘ONCE Upon a Twice, 5 Years’ - Twice Goes Down Memory Lane

Some parts of the video under the cut:

🌟 Jeongyeon was so excited Like Ooh-Ahh was their debut song, she replayed it often
💕 For favorite songs, Tzuyu chose Cheer Up, Sana chose Feel Special, and Mina chose Sunset
🌟 They describe their brand as childish innocence and bright energy, but they’ve grown up in the last 5 years. They say how they deal with hardship shows their growth, as they get together to discuss solutions
💕 Mina said when she went on hiatus, Jihyo said to take on only what Mina feels comfortable with and Mina was incredibly grateful how understanding she was as a leader
🌟 Chaeyoung chose Twicelights as her favorite or clearest memory, Dahyun winning their first ever show, Sana rememberers performing at university for the first time to a huge crowd
💕 Nayeon understands that they won’t be on top forever so she wants to value this time and stay grounded
🌟 Mina mentions that people told them often that women can’t handle concerts like men can in idol groups, so Twice wanted to disprove that with their lively shows
💕 Also Mina talks about how with how busy they are early in their careers, she looks forward to when they can all relax and eat a good meal at a nice restaurant post pandemic

🌟 They also had a member chosen for each to speak about
Nayeon to Momo: she understands now how difficult it was for Momo being a trainee in a different country, that she must’ve struggled at times. She never expected that she and Momo would be become so close and she really appreciates her
Momo to Chaeyoung: Chaeyoung can be a little sister to her but sometimes feels like Chaeyoung is older than her with how grown she is in personality. She loves Chaeyoung’s unique colors/creativity and hopes she never loses it
Chaeyoung to Nayeon: Loves her as a big sister to the group and finds her to be caring, though mentions she sure doesn’t act like the oldest sometimes (very true haha)
Jihyo to Jeongyeon: She’s known her the longest so they’re very close, to the point Jihyo is embarrassed to be so sweet towards her lol. She loves how supportive Jeongyeon especially during their hardest times.
Jeongyeon to Mina: Very happy Mina is feeling better, wants her to know she’s always there for Mina if she needs help and she loves having her as a friend
Mina to Sana: Sana is very sensitive to others emotions so she can tell when somethings wrong and she wants to cheer up whoever is struggling. Mina said she’s not expressive but wants Sana to know she’s thankful for how supportive she is
Sana to Dahyun: She got to see Dahyun’s different parts of her personality from her trainee days and loves Dahyun’s versatility. She wants to continue being a ‘trickster’ with her :)
Dahyun to Tzuyu: Tzuyu is the baby sister of the group and she only wants happiness for her and Tzuyu
Tzuyu to Jihyo: Says Jihyo received a lot of votes to be the leader since she has the personality and hard work ethic for it, and loves what Jihyo has done for the group

I’ll post more info on the new album and snippets of their new Japanese song in the next post if I get a chance to later!

Source: Twice
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