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Support or shade? Lizzy posts about Orange Caramel and WJSN Chococome's Hmph on IG

Former Orange Caramel and After School‘s Lizzy updated an instagram story on 8 October where she shared screenshots of the music video from WJSN CHOCOME, along with the following caption.

"I hope that WJSN will go beyond what OC has💛
#Hmph! hwaiting!
But there’s some overlapping things with Orange Caramel, including the music video concept. “Aing~”, “Abing abing”, “Magic Girl”, “Catallena” 😀 hmph hmph~ ❤️

Raina, Nana and Lizzy are the best.❤️"

Some fans saw this as Lizzy being sarcastic and shady, and it got more and more attention. A WJSN fan DM'ed Lizzy about it and this is their conversation:

source: fmkorea, koreaboo, reum110, listeno_o

What's your opinion? Is Lizzy sincere or was she shading and is now backtracking?
Tags: #hmph, #ʜᴍᴘʜ, after school, ex-group members, orange caramel, social media/youtube, wjsn

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