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Remember the self-insert drama "Dramaworld"? There's a second season coming!

Dramaworld is a comedy-drama from 2016 which was co-produced by viki. The series followed the adventures of Claire Duncan, an American college student and huge fan of Korean Dramas, after getting transported to her favorite show with a touch of magic.

The award-winning production house Third Culture Content recently completed a second season of the romantic comedy (op note: reportedly 10 eps). It will see the return of Hewson (Bombshell, The Santa Clarita Diet), Dulake (Operation Chromite) and Chon (The Twilight Saga, Gook) and the addition of notable new cast members: Daniel Dae Kim (The Good Doctor, Lost), Brett Gray (On My Block), k-pop star Henry Lau (A Dog’s Journey, Double World), and actress Ha Ji-won (Secret Garden, Manhunt), along with more cameos from k-pop and k-drama stars.

source: @dramaworldtv, forbes, wikipedia

Liz Hewson was delightful on Santa Clarita Diet, so even when i never finished the first season of this, I'll check out the second to watch them! Also fan favorite Daniel Dae Kim is part of this!
Tags: #dramaworld, drama
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