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Announcement from YG Official Site - "Try to follow me"

This is YG Enetertainment.

♦ 2NE1 Digital Single [날 따라 해봐요] ♦

If you want to be stylish, try following 2NE1!

In 2009, the rookie group 2NE1 opened up a new path for girl groups, and they have once again swarmed the Kpop world with their first new song in 2010 [Try to follow me].

This song was produced by the same producer of previous 2NE1 hits "Fire", "I don't care", as well as Sandara Park's "Kiss", Park Bom's "You & I" and CL & Minji's "Please don't go", YG's Teddy and samples the nursery rhyme "Try doing like me" but reinterpreted into a 2NE1 style hip hop song.

With a confident and problem-free image and the trendiest clothing, they're rising to the top as fashionista's, despite being new comers. They've become idols for many girls, and their lyrics "Please stop staring and what not, and just hurry and show yourself, it's what you want, step by step, don't ever stop", communicate a message saying 'be reborn as a confident girl', much like themselves.

With unexpected releases, holding only a few number of performances even as new comers, 2NE1's music, fashion and even album activities are completely different from the existing artists. This song, much like 2NE1, released so suddenly will please several music fans as a surprise event.

This song was released on February 9th on all music sites and we hope that everyone will show it much interest and support.

Thank you

Translated by GEE & BK! @
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