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TWICE’s 2nd Full Album “Eyes wide open” Tracklist: Title Track ‘“I Can’t Stop Me”

Information on the 2nd Full Album:
- 13 Songs
- Some familiar names who contributed to the album (composing or writing lyrics) is LDN Noise, Melanie Joy Fontana, Heize (OP is excited!), Dua Lipa, MNEK, collapsedone, earattack
@lovesicksana on Twitter did a good job connecting who has worked on what!
- JYP wrote ‘I Can’t Stop Me’ lyrics
- For members contributing lyrics this time around, we have:

Jihyo for ‘Up No More’
Sana for ‘Do What We Like’
Dahyun for ‘Queen’ and ‘Bring It Back’
Chaeyoung for ‘Handle It’
Nayeon for ‘Depend On You’

Under the cut is a preview of what the album is going to look like. We’re going to get a Story Version, Style Version, and Retro Version. (!!!)

Tracklist: @JYPETWICE
Album Information: @JYPETWICE
Artists/Producers involved: @lovesicksana
Tags: comebacks, foreign celebrities, heize, jyp entertainment, teaser, twice
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