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Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun And Go Kyung Pyo Describe Their Teamwork On Set Of “Private Lives”

-Go Kyung Pyo chose this as his comeback from the military:"When I first encountered this project, I was very drawn by the storyline led by the character Joo Eun.”

-Seohyun:“When I first read the script for ‘Private Lives,’ it was so interesting that I decided I really didn’t want to miss out on the show. It was really exciting because it’s a drama that entertainingly deals with an unrealistic true reality. Each of the characters are so charming and have such strong personalities, so I was happy about that. I was concerned about how to portray my character in a charming way, but I was also really excited. I tried to bring out the brazenness in my own personality in order to play the character.”

-GKP said that Seohyun is serious and prudent onset, and puts a lot of effort in without seeming stressed onset. He depended on her a lot while shooting.

-Seohyun says he helps her get rid of her nerves and gives her lots of ideas: “Since he’s so considerate, I’ve been able to relax as I immerse into the role of Joo Eun.”

Sources: Soompi I By Way Of: XSportNews I Naver 1 I Naver 2 I Naver 3 I Twitter: @PUTitrighthere_ : 1 I 2
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