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Sooyoung drops Sweet Night schedule

SNSD Sooyoung's news of joining KBS 'Sweet Night' as an MC has been cancelled.

Representative of 'Sweet Night' stated, "Sooyoung's schedule has increased suddenly with SNSD's new album release, and it seems impossible for her to join us as an MC" and "It's a sad news but maybe we will get to work with her at a different time."

It was planned ahead that Sooyoung was going to join 'Sweet Night' in the beginning of March, but she had to step away from the position due to her excessive schedules. The staff of 'Sweet Night' who 'had Sooyoung in mind since the beginning of the show' expressed their disappointment in the case.

The representative of 'Sweet Night' stated, "Through the problems that we've faced by going through some changes, we will try our best to revive the show and make it stable once again."

Also, "We will leave the position that Sooyoung was going to fill as a blank spot until we are able to find someone who will be able to take her place."

'Sweet Night' has been starring top stars such as Song Seunghun, Lee Daheh and SNSD and garnering viewers and placing themselves as the most watched show of the time slot.

Sports Chosun
translated by k_taevid @ ssf

Aw, the poor staff. They seemed really eager to have her on.
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